The Forgotten Heroes of the Trucking Industry

truck drivers are the forgotten heroes of the trucking industry

Key Takeaways: 

  • Truck drivers often receive little respect and recognition.
  • Without truck drivers, our economy would come to a grinding halt.
  • Truck drivers are essential, helping move millions of tons of goods across North America each year.

The logistics industry has come to rely on truck drivers more than ever before. Truck drivers are responsible for safely and efficiently moving goods from place to place within the United States and its territories. They are vital to the smooth operations of businesses across all industries, from the trucking industry, manufacturing, retail, and everything in between. But did you know that truck drivers are often overlooked when it comes to receiving respect and recognition? They deserve our respect as much as any other workers on the job site because they’re the heroes that keep America’s supply chain going.

How truckers are the unsung heroes

If you’ve ever had to make a cross-country move or had a special package delivered on time for your wedding, chances are you’ve had a trucker to thank. They are, for many people in cities and suburbs, lifelines. But for their work helping others, truckers don’t often get the recognition they deserve. We should change that— acknowledging how vital they are in supplying goods for our day-to-day needs. After all, we would have a hard time moving consumer goods, let alone basic necessities, without truck drivers.

How truck drivers have influenced society

Most people associate truck drivers with long hours on highways, slow-moving traffic, and retail giants like Walmart and Target. We don’t often see them for what they are—the backbone of our transportation system. Without these hardworking men and women hauling goods across our country every day, our economy would come to a grinding halt. Throughout history, truckers have been present when needed most in times of crisis and scarcity such as Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts in New Orleans in 2005 and Ground Zero Recovery Efforts after in 2001 where delivering supplies and materials was a necessity.

What is an intermodal truck driver?

If you ask someone what a truck driver does for a living, that person will likely think about long hauls across rural highways, but that isn’t the only kind of driver out there. Intermodal drayage, or Intermodal, is a specialized area of trucking where logistics experts move freight between different types of transportation. Intermodal drayage is responsible for moving cargo containers and trailers between shipping ports, rail yards, and intermodal yards. Despite its role in shipping goods across oceans and continents, little attention is paid to those who work in intermodal transport.

Why truck drivers are so important

A truck driver is so much more than a person who drives a big rig. They are essential pieces of a much larger puzzle in trucking that helps move millions upon millions of tons of goods across North America each year. And what’s most incredible about all these numbers, figures, and statistics is that it happens every single day. Without truck drivers moving freight from Point A to Point B, our world would stop functioning and grind to a halt.

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